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The world is turning to Cloud due to its multitudinous benefits. Almost every business has a robust Cloud infrastructure at their service. It is essential to move towards the Cloud for better security and management of your infrastructure. Irrespective of the size and structure of your business, you must think about Cloud Application. It is a software program wherein all cloud-based and local components of your organization interact together.

A Cloud Application software majorly relies on the remote servers accessed with a web browser. BTSS will provide you with effective oracle cloud application services that your company can reap benefits from. There's no doubt in asserting that every business needs to have Oracle integration cloud services where the organization can interact with its applications.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Enterprises Resource Planning system is an integral part of any success-oriented company. With Oracle Cloud, you can ensure optimized movement to the Cloud. Thousands of companies have already transferred their ERP systems to the Cloud and reaping the benefits of contemporary Oracle ERP systems blended with AI and other innovative technologies. It's your cue to make a move and join hands with BTSS to deploy Oracle ERP Cloud in your business.


Oracle HCM Cloud

Your human resources are the real assets of your organization. HCM cloud solutions have already grabbed a prominent place in the digital transformation. Oracle completes the last piece of the puzzle for the HCM solution to increase employee experience by embracing emerging technologies and HR solutions. BTSS simplifies the complexities with Oracle HCM Cloud and makes sure you can manage your workforce in the wake of digital transformations. Oracle HCM Cloud will provide you with a smart and agile human capital management solution.

Oracle EPM Cloud

Steadfast productivity and consistent growth are the primary goals of any organization. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management will provide you with better agility you require to compete with the complexities of your business. BTSS will provide you with efficient Oracle EPM Cloud services to cover all your Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Furthermore, it will help you upgrade your business processes and facilitate working on your existing ones.


Oracle Analytics Cloud

Your business analytics is the key to success. With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can empower your business analysts as well as consumers with modern analytics capabilities for reporting, data preparation, visualization, and other imperative business analytic functions. BTSS offers you quality Oracle Analytics Cloud services that you can benefit from. Give your business the required analytic superiority with the Oracle Analytics Cloud integration. All you need is to connect with BTSS and allow us to facilitate our services.

Oracle E-Business Suite

If you are looking for an on-premises system that can enhance your application functionalities and expand your horizons, Oracle E-Business Suite is the name for you. It provides your business with evolving models, drives in better productivity, and caters to all your diverse requirements. BTSS will help in managing your Oracle E-Business Suite and help you reap the benefits of Oracle Cloud. Come leverage your business with Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud.

Value add services/solutions

Automated Data Migrations from Oracle EBS to Oracle ERP Cloud

Innovative Archiving Solutionsas customers move from Legacy to ERP addressing report needs

Building Modern extensions for SAAS using PAAS (PAAS4SAAS) addressing special customer requirements and productivity requirements

Oracle integration cloud service for Oracle SaaS

Tactical and Strategic Managed Support your investment ERP/EBS applications

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We have established a credible name in the industry with our quality services. BTSS understands the need for Cloud Application in a business. Hence, we have been providing our clients with Oracle Cloud solutions to make things more simplified and streamlined.

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