Oracle Cloud Integration

Modernize your business process with BTSS Corp Integration Services

In the current environment, with ever-evolving digitization needs driven by business and demanding consumers, we have consistently observed there is a consistent need to address technology challenges and need to keep up with growing demand for speed and agility.

At BTSS Corp, we have garnered an in-depth understanding the technology integration needs to provide a seamless experience to our customers with a focus on enabling your enterprise on Oracle cloud services. With over a decade of experience working on Oracle solutions, we bring in the expertise to effectively facilitate and enable your business process.

Our services with Application & Data integration using Oracle enabled services brings in tremendous value to your digital adoption from either lift and shift of data and compute system to the cloud of your choice as well as the complex hybrid integration needs that are needed to address integration with any legacy or for various security controls needed to safeguard your confidential business data.

What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Allowing you to seamlessly integrate the applications and data with the help of your existing library of adaptors, Oracle Integration Cloud connects with any application, database, or service virtually. It also helps in simplifying different types of integrated process automation projects by facilitating pre-built integration flows and templates.

What Do You Get From Oracle Integration Cloud From
BTSS Corp?

BTSS Corp is a promising consulting firm, and we are specialized in providing our client with Oracle Cloud Computing, Oracle Migration, Oracle Fusion Middleware Solution Architecture and Infrastructure Support, and other business services. With our Oracle Integration Cloud solution, we aim to provide our clients with efficient application integration services that can help in maximizing the value of on-premise and SaaS investments.

Access to Talent

BTSS Corp provides you with access to direct deployable talent, process enablers and much needed hands-on product experience on Oracle Fusion Middleware solution architecture, Infrastructure support. With our experience, we have benefitted to multiple clients by maximizing the value of their both SaaS adoption and hybrid implementation for their enterprise needs.

Service Orientation

We provide a holistic approach to enable business process by bringing in functional and technology expertise. Our subject matter experts are oriented towards ensuring seamless service experience through our tailored service delivery organization assigned for successful integration of both business process and technology deployments.

On-demand availability

BTSS Corp is built on principles of service orientation for our client needs and has consistently ensured to keep ‘Customer’ experience as its core value. Our service delivery model can be tuned to ensure the assigned subject matter experience and the knowledge base unique for your environment are made available throughout the project and hyper care period to ensure the business value is realized.

Affordable Services

BTSS Corp is aimed to provide quality integration services to businesses of all sizes. Hence, we have designed our services to suit your needs We bring in cost-effective services for Oracle Integration Cloud.

Why Do You Need To Think About Oracle SOA Suite?

When you think about Oracle Integration Cloud, you need to come up with a software that can help you manage the integration. Oracle SOA Suite is the ideal software to use. BTSS Corp will provide you with Oracle SOA Suite for your integration. It unifies your cloud applications with the on-premises application and minimizes the complexity.


It is a comprehensive and pluggable software that helps in building, deploying, and manding the integrations. Oracle SOA Suite uses service-oriented architecture to manage the integration. The capabilities that you can expect from our Oracle SOA Suite

Reliable tooling of the

Single deployment

End to end security


Give us the opportunity to serve you with our efficient Oracle SOA Suite.

Other Additional Services that can
make your Integration better than ever

Mirth Connect

When you are managing your integrated application, you would need an interface to maintain the connectivity between your system and application. BTSS Corp provides you with the best cross-platform interface engine, i.e., Mirth Connect, to support all types of bi-directional communication via HL7 messages. Mirth Connect simply filters, routes and transforms the messages and segregate them according to user-defined rules. BTSS Corp will provide you with efficient Mirth Connect services to allow better sharing of the data.


Integration has to be made easier and streamlined. Hence, we make sure to add all the essential components to facilitate easy integration. WSO2 allows the developers to efficiently integrate your services and applications within a productive approach. It basically uses the existing IT assets and system by using heterogeneous technologies to make the process easier and cost-efficient for you.

Apache Camel

Camel is an open source integration framework that empowers you to quickly and easily integrate various systems consuming or producing data. There are plenty of benefits to choose Apache CXF. One of the major perks is that it can generate both JAX RS and JAX WS implementations. It is an open-source framework that supports implantation from the data model and service interface. BTSS Corp makes sure that you avail all the necessary support to facilitate easy integration and efficient management of your system and supplication. BTSS Corp service offerings involves advise and implementation of optimized solutions leveraging the Open source capabilities to small/medium scale businesses. Join hands with BTSS Corp to get your Cloud Integration done at affordable and the most efficient manner. What we assure is impeccable services and round the clock, support to enhance your integration.