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When you think about managing your business swiftly and safely, you need to consider Cloud Migration. It is essential to use the best cloud services when you are migrating applications and data to the Cloud. BTSS provides you with the reliable Cloud Migration services that you are looking for. It is important to note that Cloud Migration needs to go as smoothly as possible.

BTSS, with its Oracle Cloud Migration solutions, will seamlessly deploy your existing data center workload on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without any extensive modifications. There are many reasons for choosing Oracle Migration, and the fastest deployment is one among them.

Why Is Cloud Migration Necessary For Your Business?

Migration is an integral part of better IT management in your organization. You cannot skip the step of migration and expect productivity. Cloud Migration is by far the quickest, smooth, and advantageous migration type. Cloud services have been around for a while now. Here’s why you need to choose Oracle Migration


Types of Migration BTSS Can Help You With

Infrastructure Migration

Infrastructure migration has become the need of the hour for customers to migrate to flexible and modern alternatives in the safest approach. BTSS will cover all your infrastructure migration needs and reduce all the complexities of migration. We deploy a clearly documented plan so that you can start migrating your workloads according to your schedule.

Seek assistance from BTSS to get your Oracle to SQL server migration services done within a safe and streamlined approach.

Data Migration

Moving your data from one location to the other, data migration helps in introducing a new system or location for your confidential data. We understand that data migration can be a tricky task due to the gravity of data. BTSS allows you to effortlessly move your data by synchronizing the application design, data architecture, and business processes.

Join hands with BTSS and avail the eminent services of data migration in the best way possible.

Application Migration

Your business application is the asset of your company. Hence, it needs proper management. Application migration is the process of moving your application from an environment to the other. It is vital to choose reliable application migration services to handle the Oracle migration seamlessly. With BTSS, you can rest down all your concerns and focus on other core components of your business.

We segregate all your applications appropriately and deploy proper migration. Irrespective of the various development platforms your applications are created on, we provide you with effective application migration services.

The Process of Successful Cloud Migration

BTSS follows a stringent method of Cloud Migration that helps in serving our clients in a better way. Take a look at the thorough process of Cloud Migration followed by BTSS

Prepare and Plan
For Migration
Choose Cloud
Migrate And Review

Prepare and Plan For Migration

Before starting the migration, it is essential to create a comprehensive plan. BTSS starts with preparing levels of details depending upon your business structure. You need to be thorough with the reasons why you need to migrate. After which our team will create a staunch plan for the Oracle to Postgres migration.

What Do You Get From BTSS Cloud Migration Solution?

We understand how important is your Oracle cloud migration process. Hence, we make sure that our Cloud Migration services adhere to your diverse requirements. Here’s what you can expect from BTSS when it comes to Cloud Migration

Adhere To Your Dynamic Requirements

Irrespective of your business size and structure, BTSS understands your requirements that will help in your Cloud Migration. Our experts will rightly adhere to your needs and provide you with efficient Cloud solutions.

Top-Notch Services

Our quality services are what makes us distinctive in the industry. You can expect eminent services from BTSS and forget about all the worries regarding Cloud Migration for your business. BTSS is always at your service for catering to the migration requirements.

Comprehensive Support

Cloud migration is a continuous process, and we don’t plan to leave you in the middle. So, if you are looking for comprehensive support for your migration services, you can always rely on BTSS. We offer you round the clock support and resolve your queries in real-time.

Cost-Effective Services

We cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Hence, we have made our services affordable for all. If you are seeking Cloud Migration services at an affordable price range, you can connect with BTSS to get your migration done effectively.

Quality Is Credibility

We have a credible name in the market that we have carved with our eminent services. BTSS has an impressive track record of successful projects that speak for our credibility. We ensure that our clients get the most efficient and reliable services they are seeking.

Global Clientele

Our clients are stretched all across the globe. With our credible services, we have been able to establish a strong and trusted chain of clients across the world. Connect with us to enjoy efficient Oracle Cloud Migration services.

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