Job Openings

Full Stack Developer

Position Requirements:

  • Knowledge and in-depth experience in programming languages used for frontend /backend.
  • Experience with writing code in Electron for cross-platform desktop development C++, Various JavaScript languages for front end components, Apache Server
  • 5+ years of object-oriented design and implementation experience, data structures, algorithm design and problem-solving
  • Must Possess or should have idea Product Based Software Development experience
  • Implement test automation to ensure successful deployment and target zero regressions; maintain production system availability
  • Ensuring best practices for security, scalability, and reliability /li>
  • Communicating frequently with other team members on initiatives and deadlines; consulting with the team on development decisions /li>
  • Ability to synthesize requirements underlying feature request, recommend alternative technical and business approaches, and facilitate engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines /li>

Skills Required:

  • Strong experience creating or maintaining large web applications with higher-order components such as Redux, React.
  • Strong experience with internal/third party RESTful APIs and Websockets.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience with full-stack web development.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience with modern front-end and back-end frameworks.
  • Knowledge on CI/CD
  • Ability to build modular plugins that can pushed to customer as updates

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