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Cloud migration easy &

BTSS Corp aims to provide effective cloud services to help your company reap full performance benefits. Oracle cloud Integration services is the need for every business to help interact with its applications effectively and efficiently.

Cloud Migration Services & Solutions

On Premises Migration to OCI

Streamline your transition to OCI with our expert guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your infrastructure migration.

Oracle EBS suite Migrate to OCI

Experience seamless EBS Suite migration to OCI, where efficiency and error-free execution are guaranteed by BTSS.

Oracle Database Migration to OCI

Efficiently migrate your Oracle Databases to OCI, with our expertise ensuring a timely and error-free process.

Peoplesoft Zero cost migration to OCI

Embrace a new era in data management with our hassle-free PeopleSoft migration to OCI, tailored for your success.

JD Edwards migration to OCI

Enhance your JD Edwards deployment with OCI, gaining scalability and support for peak seasons with BTSS.

JD Edward Zero cost migration to OCI

Unlock a world of possibilities with our personalized JD Edwards migration to OCI, empowering your business to thrive.

BTSS Corp has its own strategy

Our Cloud
Migration Strategy

We follow a standardized approach for cloud migrations which enable to resolve varied use cases, complexities and the challenges faced during oracle cloud migration consulting .


We are leaders in oracle cloud consulting and integration services, with focus on empowering enterprises through technology transformation and help harness power of digitization.

Our Methodology, Accelerate

Phase 1 | Plan

Plan your migration of your application data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with minimal re-architecture, re-integration

Phase 2 | Migration

Migrate your on-premises Oracle Database to an oracle cloud infrastructure database – service database using a number of different methods that use several different tools.

Phase 3 | Optimize

Optimize with the best Oracle methodologies. Create a seamless path for your customers.
Having made the decision to migrate to cloud-based applications, the transition needs to be fast, efficient and cause minimal disruption. BTSS Corp can deliver the solutions you need to connect your people, data, processes, and systems, to increase your efficiency, agility, and profitability.

Accelerate Migration

Accelerate project execution and
time to benefit by up to 50%.
Achieve High
Continuous Support
Continuous Support
BTSS Corp Support Services.

BTSS Corp eliminates uncertainty by
simplifying Oracle Cloud migration.

We embrace a hybrid cloud model that lends itself to supporting customers who wish take advantage of the Oracle Cloud and offers many features and benefits

Cloud Support

Service Help Desk

Cloud Testing Services

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