Maximize the value of your
on-premise and SaaS with Oracle Integration Cloud

With Oracle cloud Integration services, you have the power to integrate your cloud and on-premises applications, automate business processes, gain insight into your business processes, and develop visual applications.


Accelerate your digital transformation
pre-integrated connectivity

Unlock the new world of cloud possibilities as you automate your business and unravel a new world of possibilities. Integrate on-cloud and on-premises data to gain business processes and to develop cloud applications.

Cloud Integration Services & Solutions

BTSS Corp has incredible solutions
and services

Oracle Integration Cloud

Accelerate your cloud connectivity with the possibility of unlocking a higher potential scaleup. Switch to Oracle Integration Cloud.

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Take the powerful leap of having SnapLogic into your automated systems. Bring in efficiency with the latest technology.

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WSO2 API Manager – One complete platform for building, integrating, and exposing your digital services as managed APIs in the cloud, on-premises.

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Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Rely on BTSS Corp's Oracle SOA Cloud Service for an enhanced, smooth and efficient process for your needs to build, deploy and manage interactions.

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With MuleSoft's help bring in better ways to enhance your SOA, SaaS, and API integration process. technologies that make integration easy!

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Dell Boomi

Use Boomi's industry-leading iPaaS platform to connect, engage and run things from anywhere or everywhere when it comes to working with everything.

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Open Source Integration

Unlock the potential of the power of Open Source Integration (WSO2, NextGen Connect) with BTSS Corp Team with ease and efficiency.

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What can BTSS Corp Cloud Integration do?

BTSS Corp take major integration challenges
and solve things !

Cloud Integration might be the most intimidating part of cloud migration. Critical processes and data collection directly affect customer and employee experience, but they are also the most complex processes, often involving a broad spectrum of applications and data that are not integrated.

Obtain a
Bespoke Business Platform

Improve Return
on Your IT Investment

Connect with a
Truly Modern Experience

What can BTSS Corp Cloud Integration do?

How BTSS Corp Approaches Cloud Integration

BTSS Corp’s Oracle Cloud Integration practice is empowered with the right set of resources, tools and assets, and leverages unique Oracle cloud implementation methodology to power your cloud transformations. With our rich experience in Oracle cloud suites, we help strategize your digital transformation journey, build a robust roadmap for Oracle Cloud Applications adoption.

Discover the current infrastructure portfolio, software used, and how various Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, marketplace on Oracle Cloud.

Integrate core business logic residing in on-premise systems with cloud native applications for smooth operations.

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