Case Study

Leverage your Oracle Integration Cloud SAP Concur Adapter to integrate with Oracle SAAS

In one of our recent clients, we had a custom Java based program (running on outdated JDK version posing a security hole) that was used to integrate concur approved expenses into legacy ERP. As part of the client’s Oracle Cloud Applications (Fusion Applications Suite) implementation, we advised the customer to leverage their investment on Oracle integration cloud and use the Oracle SAP concur adapter to integrate between SAP concur and Oracle Cloud Applications.

The current solution presented many challenges

  • Outdated JDK version and lots of lines of coding.
  • Archaic integration pattern with no visibility into audit or the process
  • Occasional integration failures with no visibility into reason as to way
  • Manual User maintenance


  1. Use Oracle integration to automate the payables invoice interface to Oracle ERP
  2. Use Oracle integration to automate Travel User maintenance (create or update) in Concur (Onboarding in Concur)
  3. Use Oracle integration to interface payments information back to Concur

Note: We worked with the SAP Concur team and SAP Concur Account management to enable the webservices capabilities to our subscription.


  1. SAP concur adapter within Oracle Integration helped abstract the complexity of various webservice calls and implement a common/standard integration pattern to interface approved concur expense batches.
  2. Extended the integration further to automate the “Travel” user maintenance within Concur. A big advantage of this interface is that the manager changes are captured and updated into concur. This prevents the expense reports from being stuck to due to incorrect managers (Data accuracy).
  3. Retire the Archaic on prem solution to a modern PAAS based solution.


  1. Save the manual effort on user maintenance (nearly 1 hour per week)
  2. By automating Payables invoices to Oracle ERP, significant time savings in getting the expense report into Oracle (manual entry is not viable solution)

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