Create World-Class
ORACLE APEX Applications

BTSS Corp includes everything needed to design, deploy, and maintain Oracle Application Express, the world’s most popular corporate low-code mobile platform, and data-driven web apps.

Industry Leading Two of a Kind Cloud Service

World’s best low-code platform

An easy all-embracing cloud service that supports and grows as you grow, with a focus on the application rather than repetitious code.

Secure database with Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) connects HTTPS and your Oracle Database for secure, high-performance HTTPS access.

Turbocharge your
business with the fastest

Oracle APEX Service is a fully managed, low-code application development platform on Oracle Cloud for developing and delivering modern, data-driven apps.
Without needing to understand sophisticated web technologies, business users and application developers may create enterprise applications 38X faster than coding

Multiservice Solutions

When compared to typical application development methodologies, Oracle APEX allows you to be orders of magnitude more productive

Uncomplicated Learning

There’s no need to be a whiz with a variety of technology. It’s easy and quick to learn how to design and install applications using Oracle Cloud Apex

Thriving Community

Customers adore Oracle APEX, which has one of the most active, global, and rapidly increasing communities of any Oracle product

Reasons To Choose Oracle Apex

  • Getting started is simple all that is required is a web browser
  • Build remarkable applications with the support of a low-code platform and an easy-to-use UI
  • Tight integration with Oracle Database allows Oracle APEX to be robust, scalable, and secure
  • It’s portable, allowing easy creation and deployment
With Oracle Apex De-Clutter The Process For Faster Development
Oracle APEX is unique in that it removes all levels of complexity. Oracle APEX is a data-driven platform; hence it usually starts with a spreadsheet or data model. Applications are created in a low-code browser-based environment that eliminates 98 percent of hand-coding
or In The Cloud
Integrate with
version control

Oracle Apex Deployment Expands to Cover
Every Facet

Oracle APEX allows you to move apps across the Oracle Database Cloud Service, private and public clouds, on-premises, and even the free public evaluation service smoothly. It has all the tools you’ll need to stay productive, meet deadlines, and achieve outstanding outcomes for your company.

What Oracle Cloud APEX
Plus BTSS Corp Combined
Offers Your Business?

Your APEX Service could be up and running in minutes, and you’ll never have to worry about mid-tiers, load balancers, encryption, or anything else. We can swiftly design and deploy compelling apps that give immediate benefit to your business using APEX. Allow Oracle and BTSS Corp to take care of configuration, tuning, backups, patching, encryption, scalability, and other activities so you may focus on your core business
Secure and
simple development
Powerful with
a proven track record
Quick and low-cost
Application Development
Autonomous operation
globally and locally
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