Integrate your ERP System(s) with Oracle APEX

May 10, 2022 Oracle APEX
Integrate your ERP System(s) with Oracle APEX


There are many features of Oracle APEX that eases integration with Oracle ERP / HCM Cloud. These improved integration capabilities open a world of possibilities to build extensions and bolt-on to enhance the already feature rich Oracle SAAS.

For instance – as a low code app development company, you can authenticate your APEX application using Oracle SAAS identity stripe and store the user roles in a collection post-authentication. You can authenticate your APEX application Oracle SAAS identity stripe and store the user roles in a collection post authentication. This could be used to enable/disable menus, features, pages, or page items conditionally and build applications that can be on par with SAAS.

Oracle Fusion SAAS REST Data source is another APEX feature which allows easy discovery and profiling of data from the API and be able to present them in APEX regions with NO CODING.  Yes! No coding is key here.

We built a simple interactive grid that shows the SAAS User and roles in a under an HOUR!

To improve performance, we have leveraged additional capabilities of REST Data source to synchronize the data to a local table. This newly built a single page interactive grid-based region display the data respecting the security of oracle SAAS. 

Displaying this User / Role data really helped our customers to easily check which user has what role real time and build alerts, filters that are off interest to them using the native features of APEX. Something simple as consuming the REST data and displaying in already feature rich APEX accelerated the benefit by many folds.

Some of the interesting use cases that we have built

  1. Consuming the data from BICC and displaying them in powerful APEX regions

  2. Use Data Load Definitions to load data locally in APEX and then push to oracle SAAS

  3. Centralized Logging Dashboard

  4. UI to display the User sign-in/Sign on audit of Oracle SAAS

  5. Faceted search based UI to display the application users data access for Oracle SAAS.

  6. Inventory management for certain items of Oracle SAAS

All the applications or use cases were built with low code to no code.  At BTSS Corp , we have built many other small APEX based  (Data centric applications) on top of Oracle SAAS. We are very strong proponent of low code application development. If you are interested in how to leverage APEX for the success of your Oracle SAAS Implementation, please let us know.