Absent Management Using Oracle: The Complete Solution

March 10, 2022 Oracle HCM


Due to the increased focus on employee well-being HR personnel is attempting to unearth and understand the reasons behind their employees’ absences to maintain a healthy workplace. However, when seeking to reduce the impact of complex compliance standards, this task might be tough.

Businesses all around the world are looking for ways to set up an employee accrual adjustment for full-time and active payroll employees.

Oracle Absence Management enables leaders to promote employee wellness by controlling and evaluating absences with a customizable interface that adapts to changing regulations.

Our Solutions

While Absence in Oracle has a lot of out-of-the-box features and functionality to cater to the most common business practices ranging from simple to complicated requirements, the HCM module offers capabilities & framework to extend and tailor the module to specific business cases. We would like to share one such specific case. The intent of this writes up to share how we leveraged those frameworks to extend the powerful features of absences further.

In our use case, there was a need to deduct accrual balances from multiple absence plans based on the balance availability and specific rules. In this write-up, we discuss the framework that was leveraged to tackle the need.

In this specific use case, the configurations were performed for the absence entries to deduct from the primary plan (out of the box). The secondary plan balances will have to be adjusted

For Example:

If an employee takes a Sick leave for 4 hours, a primary plan “Annual Sick Leave plan” is deducted based on eligibility by Oracle out of the box.  The specific business requirement called for additionally adjusting the two other plans based on balance availability (follow consumption logic)

We leveraged the HCM extract inbound interface type along with payroll flow patterns within the HCM module. There are many tasks that can be stitched together within the Payroll flow pattern – e.g. fetch data using BI Publisher and funnel the data file to “Load batch from file” flow task which can be transformed to an HDL (HCM Data Loader) format using transformation HDL formula logic which in turn can initiate data loader for accrual adjustments

The below diagram shows a simple payroll flow pattern that has a few tasks executed in sequence.

  1. Run BI Publisher
  2. Generate Data Loader File
  3. Initiate Data Loader
  4. HDL Report

The flow task parameters can be adjusted so information can from each task is funneled to the next task to perform the activity.

Absent Management Using Oracle; The Complete Solution 1
Absent Management Using Oracle; The Complete Solution