How to integrate ODA with oracle HCM cloud?

October 27, 2021 Oracle HCM
How to integrate ODA with oracle HCM cloud?



Before we dive into the topic, let’s break the jargon, shall we? ODA is nothing but Oracle Digital Assistant, and HCM is the short form of Human Capital Management.

Modern businesses heavily rely upon efficient resource management. The recent global pandemic has been a wake-up call for enterprises around the world. Businesses for the first time realized that their resources are expendable. More particularly, many enterprises irrespective of their size began to cut costs by streamlining their workforce.

Human Resource Office has been Tasked to maintain the equilibrium of the market. Particularly with the recent global lockdown, the virtual workforce has increased dramatically, and HR leaders are trying to figure out a system that makes up for this situation.

Even in places where normal operations have returned, employees are finding it highly difficult to adjust back to their routine. This friction is something that affects the operational efficiency of the business. This is where oracle’s Human Capital Management cloud enters the picture.


The Essentials


You can interact with the Oracle Digital Assistant in your HCM cloud only when it is activated. Once activated, you can use the digital assistant,

  • To look up someone in the company directory.
  • To check upon your leave balance.
  • To understand more about your team and its functions.
  • To view your previous paychecks, and a lot more!


First things first, double-check the following points before you get down to the activation process.

  1. Your administrative access to the Human Capital Management cloud.
  2. Identity service (IDCS) synchronization is ON.
  3. You have set up new roles in your fusion instance.


How to activate Oracle Digital Assistant in a fusion Human Capital Management cloud?


  • Make sure you know the credentials for your ODA. If not, you can use the support centre to get the details.
  • Through the identity service provider or IDCS, link your users.
  • Once done, you can configure the FAdigitaAssistant by opening the ODA platform.
  • After this, you can also customize the HCM to display the Digital Assistant in the relevant application screens.
  • You can do a test run to see if everything is working.


Sometimes the chat widget will not appear for some users, and this is mostly because they fail to access the fusion through the HCM URL. If it’s not so, the chat widget will not appear.

After the initial check-up, you can break up the activation process into 3 parts, and they should be in that order for a smoother activation process.


  1. IDCS configuration
  2. ODA configuration
  3. HCM configuration


1. IDCS configuration


  • Open the activation mail to get the IDCS URL. The URL for Digital Assistant too can be found in this activation mail itself.
  • Through IDCS, access the pre-arranged ODA environment.
  • Once you access the pre-arranged ODA environment, you can search for “IDCS-ODA”.
  • Open the “IDCS-ODA” application.
  • Only a “service developer” can create the necessary channels in HCM.
  • Once done, you can assign the user roles for Digital Assistant.
  • You can also find the URL for ODA in the application configuration.


2. ODA configuration


  • Sign-in to the ODA using the SSO credentials.
  • You will see a navigator on the left side of the screen.
  • From there, select development.
  • Under “development”, you will see an option for “Channels”.
  • Click on it.
  • You will see a “Create Channel” box in which you can enter the details.
  • Under the “Channel Type”, you will see a list. Choose “Oracle web”.
  • Click on “Create”.
  • You will see an option called “Route to”.
  • Choose “FA Digital Assistant”.
  • Enable the status by moving the “channel enabled” slider.
  • Also, disable the “Client Authentication Enabled” slider by moving the slider.
  • Type “*” in the “Allowed Domains”.
  • You can now copy the “Channel ID” to complete the ODA configuration.


3. HCM configuration


  • Using your credentials, sign into Oracle Applications Cloud.
  • If you click on your profile on the header section, you will see an option called “Settings and Actions”.
  • Under that select “Setup and Maintenance”.
  • Click on the “Tasks” icon. You can find it on the right side of the screen.
  • A search bar will open when you click on the “Search” option.
  • Search for “Manage Administrator Profile Values”.
  • Once you find it, select that. There will be a “Profile Option Code”.
  • Enter “FA_ENABLE_DIGITAL_ASSISTANT” and hit that “Search” button.
  • Once you locate and select “FA_ENABLE_DIGITAL_ASSISTANT: Profile Values”, click the “+” sign.
  • There will be a drop-down list. In that, select “Site”.
  • There will be an option called “Profile value”. Assign “Y”.
  • You can now “Save” and close the boxes.


Once you finish these steps, you can add the chat widget to the Huma Capital Management Cloud Interface. From here, you can assign roles for the Digital Assistant. Say Hello to the new “new”!