How to Transform and Enrich Data in Oracle Analytics Cloud? – Part 2

January 4, 2021 Digital Transformation

In this section we will have look into Data set.

Step 1: Logged into OAC and Click on Create to your right-side corner:

Logged into OAC

Click on Data Set and you will get below options:


Data Set


In our last section we already got the idea on how to create static Data set as “Drop Data File here or Click to Browse”

2nd option is Local Subject Area, here you can get all local subject area

3rd option is Create Connection, here you can create connection which will point your SaaS Instance. Like I have created Dev6 and TEST.

Click on Create Connection and you will get multiple adaption, choose respectively and create a connection.


create a connection


We have here two SaaS Connection already with us with the help of Oracle Application Adapter.


Oracle Application Adapter

Give all the necessary details and create connection.

How To create Data set with the help of SaaS pointed connection, how to get details (Here we are talking about specifically OTBI how to get data extract/data from OTBI Analysis).

There are two ways to get data/data extract from OTBI analysis:

1. Create analysis in SaaS and then incorporate developed Analysis in OAC
2. Create Data Set in OAC instance itself

We will investigate two ways to get OTBI Analysis data set.

1. From SaaS:

Login to SaaS and go to tools –> Reports and Analytics –> Browse Catalog –> New –> Analysis

OTBI Analysis data set

OTBI Analysis data set


Create Analysis with the help of Subject area based on Your Requirement.

Then go to OAC Instance and click on

Create –> Data set –> Choose connection from respective SaaS Instance You will get window given below:


Data set

You will get 3 options:


You will get 3 options:


Select Columns: Here you can select columns from Subject areas directly
We have here Financial Common Module – Intercompany Transaction Real Subject area.

Click on that and you will have a window as given below:


Financial Common Module


Select Necessary columns from Subject area and click on Add Selected. Selected columns can be removed one by one by clicking on Remove Selected. And for removing all Click Remove all.

Now click on Add and create a Project from same and save it.

Select Analysis: Here you will have your created Analysis from SaaS

For this click on option two select analysis and you will get below window:


Select Analysis


Red circle path will be your created connection name + Folder structure from SaaS where you have saved your Analysis.

Click on add and create project from the same, save it.

Enter Logical SQL: Here you will have option to write logical query.


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