Oracle PaaS: A smarter way of developing applications

May 3, 2021 Digital Transformation
A smarter way of developing applications

Before 2020 it may have been difficult to realize the promise of digital transformation, but with the Pandemic proving that only uncertainty is certain in any business, technology has emerged as the holy grail for survival.

Industry pioneers who previously invested in cloud technology and digital acceleration faced little or no concerns in rerouting to a remote model overnight. With less fixed IT costs, complete flexibility and scalability for in-house solutions, secure and hassle-free data storage, cloud computing is here to stay.

And from the host of platforms that offer this service, here’s introducing Oracle IoT Platform, a PaaS cloud solution.

But before we dive into Oracle’s features and its benefits, let’s understand the term ‘PaaS’ and why it makes sense for your business.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS is a branch of cloud computing that provides a pre-defined platform for businesses to develop and run customized applications without fretting over the cost and complexity of the infrastructure involved. In simpler terms, developers who subscribe to a PaaS solutions don’t have to focus on extensive coding, software updates, or security measures.

Economical & Dynamic

Oracle solutions ensure higher performance, lower costs, seamless cloud migration for existing in-house applications, and better cost-efficiency for cloud workloads. With 40 years of expertise, through constant innovation and up-gradation, the company continues to offer their top-notch services at an optimum charge.

Exclusive Autonomous Services

Oracle amazes with its Autonomous Database, exclusive self-repairing, and self-optimizing features. The company leverages machine learning to automate mundane tasks and deliver operational efficiency and improved security, thereby allowing subscribers more time to focus on developing applications.

Explore New Technologies – The Oracle Cloud Marketplace

The current market scenario is ever-evolving, and businesses mustn’t miss out on developments crucial to keep with their peers or maintain the pioneering spirit in their model. Oracle’s PaaS solution allows one to develop new products and services faster and better.

Machine Learning, Big data, Event streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), Agile team collaboration tools, if these are terms you’ve heard but haven’t had much exposure to, Oracle solutions allow you to focus on the creative side of software development while experimenting with new technologies in the industry.

In addition to application development, Oracle Cloud Marketplace extends to big data, backup and recovery, database management, blockchain, migration, and security.

Improved & Secure IT Management

Oracle’s PaaS solutions wouldn’t just eliminate your IT overheads; they’d ensure expert IT management as well. As a subscriber to Oracle, all those tedious system updates and security patches that follow app development wouldn’t be a part of your to-do list. In fact, 75% rated the company’s security design as more enhanced than on-premises offerings in the 2020 Oracle and KPMG Threat Report.


“Personalization is the key to success,” a golden rule that applies across industries. While PaaS presents a set environment for businesses to build their applications, Oracle ensures complete flexibility and scalability. Businesses can use the platform to build applications customized to their model or target requirements. In addition to their public cloud region, the company provides support for hybrid architectures as well.

Consistency & Availability

Oracle’s high-performance infrastructure is built to respond to application demands promptly. It ensures execution consistency across enterprise, cloud-native, and HPC workloads. To tap into 24/7 cloud availability, which is accessible remotely at any time of the day, companies can employ Oracle solutions to develop applications across domains and regions.

To sum it up, adopting technology to expand capabilities is the need of the hour for businesses across industries. The agility and dynamism of cloud computing enable a smarter way of operating, one that can withstand the blow of a pandemic.

Want to know more about Oracle’s PaaS? Our team would be happy to help you make the most of the digital transformation you invest in.