Uncovering the Capabilities Of Oracle Cloud Integration

July 17, 2020 Oracle Integration


Oracle Integration Cloud brings together the potential and capabilities of Application Integration, Process Automation and Integration Analytics into a unified single cloud service. It helps in accelerating digital transformation by simplifying your path to cloud. 

Oracle Integration Cloud provides real-time integration, structured and unstructured processes, case management, stream analytics and integration insight enabling customers to service all their end to end integration needs in one cohesive platform so that all users can now build and deliver capabilities needed to realize the ultimate Digital Business Transformations.

OIC B2B Capabilities

Oracle Integration now provides the much-awaited piece of functionality – business-to-business (B2B) support in integrations.  This will tremendously help projects involving SAAS integrations, especially where SAAS out of box does not support some of the document types.

B2B Translate activity

B2B Translate activity

B2B for Oracle Integration represents a collective set of features inside Oracle Integration to support EDI document processing. This includes the EDI Translate action and a B2B schema editor to customize the EDI data formats. 

This activity’s wizard base definition helps with identifying the translation needed for various document types

B2B Translate activity1

Once the EDI translate activity is defined your integration, it is matter of mapping your payload into the Translate activity. This activity accepts the EDI Payload and spits out the XML interpretation of the EDI document.


  “translate_result”: “Success”,

  “hasError”: false,

  “validationErrors”: “”,

  “translated_payload”: “<edi-xml-document…>”


EDI documents1

In addition to translation, the EDI translate action also validates the EDI data it receives and reports the errors found.


  “translate_result”: “Error”,

  “hasError”: true,

 “validationErrors”: “[1] Error code: B2B-01752 | category: data_size | message: (Severe) Element CUR02 (element id 100) has a identifier value [USD123] of length 6, which is 

  more than the maximum allowed length of 3. | segment-CUR > CUR02 (element id 100) | segment position 3 (starting with ST segment) | element position 2 | line 4 | 

  character position 7\n\n”,

  “translated_payload”: …


There are other set of features, like your ability to define custom EDI documents.

Consider the use cases where one would like to augment or enrich the B2B message before consuming or producing it. I believe this definitely a great feature augmentation to Oracle integration cloud.


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