Using Oracle Visual Builder to Overcome Modern Challenge 

June 4, 2022 Oracle Visual Builder
Using Oracle Visual Builder to Overcome Modern Challenge


We are halfway through 2022 and this seems like a good moment to reflect on how rapidly Oracle Visual Builder has grown over the past 2 years. 

Oracle Visual Builder is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service and a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure (PaaS). It is an excellent choice for businesses and low code app development companies, providing an open-source standards-based solution for developing, collaborating on, and deploying Oracle Cloud applications.

The platform offers a wide range of services, videos, and workshops tailored for creating responsive Web Applications to meet modern requirements. Additionally, it enables the development of Mobile Applications with Responsive UI (User Interface) and mobile access, making it easy for businesses and low code app development companies to build versatile and user-friendly applications for various devices and platforms.

Our modern era requires Modern application requirements with the application being smart enough to interact with users outside of the Traditional web browsing like chat box channels 

You can even start a trial subscription and set up your Visual Builder environment to help with your business. 

Oracle’s Visual builder also provides a strong community where you can easily engage with other developers and share knowledge with the community. The community page is a place to pose questions, connect with experts, and share your thoughts and ideas about Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud Service. 

Oracle provides workshops, learning paths, tutorials, and solution playbooks to assist you in designing and implementing IT topologies for specific business scenarios. The Workshops on Live Labs give you a chance to try Visual Builder for yourself, using a free trial cloud instance or your tenancy. 

There are many Workshops available on Live Labs too: 

  • Create a web application in Oracle Visual Builder 
  • Develop mobile application in Oracle Visual Builder 

Oracle Visual Builder also includes several tutorials to help you learn. Here are some additional aspects of creating applications with tutorials on 

  • Make business rules 
  • Making a multilingual web application 
  • Create a language switcher for the web application 
  • Create nested pages that flow in the web application 
  • Create dependent lists. 
  • Access the values of a given table row 
  • Create an integrated Excel spreadsheet to manage data from a REST API. 

Many organizations, including BTSS Corp., offer services such as creating Web apps and Android apps for users using Oracle Visual Builder tools. 

BTSS Corp Provides services like: 

  • Cloud Integration 
  • Cloud Application 
  • Low-Code Development 
  • Cloud Technologies 
  • Cloud Migration 

Business Technology Strategic Solutions is a consultancy organization focused on Cloud Migration, Cloud Computing, Oracle Fusion Middleware Solution Architecture, and Infrastructure Support. 

Cloud application software relies significantly on remote servers that can be accessed via an internet browser. BTSS Corp provides effective Oracle cloud application services that your company can use. 

The company also provides widgets to develop into mobile apps that can integrate easily with oracle digital assistants through action changes 

Main Advantages of Using Oracle Visual Builder 

Three major advantages lead us to select this technology – and why we believe you should consider it in the future: 

  • Agile: The ability to construct our responsive software in 24 hours, host it in the cloud, and deploy it with a single click highlights the technology’s capacity to adapt to the changing needs of the business. 
  • Secure: Since we chose the platform’s built-in Oracle database, we got the benefit of a 100 percent Oracle-hosted solution with their entire cloud security infrastructure. 
  • Versatile: The ability to brand and customize our app’s user interface using the standard web developer toolkit was critical for us (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, etc.). The ability to provide the necessary experience we wish for in such a brief period was the last tick in the box for adopting Visual Builder.